Fit Friday

drinking bottled waterIt’s Fit Friday!!  Here’s 3 Tips To Be Healthy and Fit!

(from Lifestyle Boutique)

1. Eat Well – Studies have shown that 80% of any fitness goals depends on their meal plan. Eating a good balance of complex carbohydrates, fresh protein and healthy fats will give you the energy to support your fitness challenge and show results quickly.

2.  Drink H2O –  Our brain consists around 70% of water so if it’s good for the brain, it’s good for you.  Adults are recommended to consume at least two liters of water per day.  May sound like much, but it will flush all the salts, impurities, and help with body recovery from a workout.

3. Exercise Consistently – Working out 3-4 times per week doing cardio and strength training is the perfect way to start.  Once you develop a routine, do it regularly and you will see the benefits.  As you progress your energy will increase and body will adapt to working out as it becomes leaner and stronger.   If your time is limited, jot down all your weekly priorities, and set aside 30-60 minutes to walk around the block, or walk to the store instead of driving.

Have a happy and healthy weekend!


About Coach Rost

Hello, I'm Asher, grew up in central New Jersey and now reside in South Florida. My credentials include: Rutgers University graduate with B.A. in Communication, Florida Certified Physical Education Teacher K-12, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Certified Group Exercise Instructor, as well as certified by the American Heart Association in CPR & AED. Since 2006, I have been training adult, teen, and youth clients; teaching Physical Education K-12; and instructing sports and fitness programs to preschoolers and elementary students. In 2008, I established Aplus Trainer LLC, DBA, KID SURGE to provide children with an enrichment program that instills fitness, sports, critical thinking, problem solving skills and positive character development to create a happy and healthy life experience. During classes, children learn neurological, gross and fine motor skills as well as positive character traits which will be reinforced through teamwork, self-discipline, confidence, and respect for peers and adults. My company also offers children’s birthday parties to enhance their physical growth in a fun, engaging, and interactive celebration.

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