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If your childs school or facility do not current offer KID SURGE, we are happy to organise a demo for the location! Please assist by submiting a contact form and recommendation, as we are always looking to expand our programs.

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Our Activities

Fun 99%
Play 90%
Fitness 85%
Learning 80%
Teamwork 75%


★ Confidence

★ Cooperative Play

★ Dedication

★ Focus

★ Motivation

★ Patience

★ Respect

★ Sportsmanship

★ Teamwork

★ Agility

★ Balance

★ Coordination

★ Endurance

★ Flexibility

★ Rhythm

★ Speed

★ Strength

We combine fitness and fun with music using original instructional songs to teach sports and dance. The result is challenging physical activities and games to popular upbeat songs that entertain, educate, and enrich children through movement and play.

Activities are designed to cater to multiple learning styles and fitness levels. Our programs support a child’s neurological, social, and motor skills gaining confidence to help toward their success in school and in life.

We offer plans for parents that is competitive and for factilities that is scalable. For parents, attend an upcoming demo to let your children experience KID SURGE. Choose from singing up for an installment plan with your credit card, or save $10 by paying in full with a credit card. 

For facilities an schools, we offer discounts based on the number of children in the program and also discounts for signing up for a 12-week program. Contact us to organise a demo for your school or facility to experience KID SURGE and see why we are the right fit to get fit by playing with purpose.