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Birthday Party Packages

Kids Birthday PartyParties or special events for ages 3-up that feature packages: Sports N’ Fitness Extravaganza,  Dance Shake N’ Roll, Super Soak N’ Play, or Karaoke N’ Sing Along.  Parent/Legal guardian required at all times for supervision during the event.  Prices vary, base cost is $150/hour up to 15 kids for 1 instructor and $225/hour up to 25 kids for 1 instructor.  Add $25 for 2nd instructor.   As per contract with parent/legal guardian any additional items supplied by KID SURGE will be added to the price.

sports party

Sports & Fitness Party where your Birthday Kid is the SUPERSTAR with his/her friends. Kids play popular sports and fitness games such as football, soccer, basketball, etc. Be an Allstar Athlete!!


Ready Set Dance 2

Dance Party that has your Birthday Kid and Friends Movin’ and Groovin’ to their favorite party music such as Whip Nae Nae, Cha Cha Slide, Shake It Off, and MORE!!

Water Party


Water Party with a safe water gun fight or water balloons…your choice!  Kids play multiple games that will keep your Birthday Kid & friends having a water blast!!


kids karaoke half size

Karaoke Party has your Birthday Kid sing his/her heart out to favorite tunes while friends dance, clap, and sing. Take turns being a Rockstar!!

Athletic Performance Training

Individual training designed for kids who are beginners, intermediate or experienced athletes.  Programs improve performance and give athletes an edge over their competition by combine function fitness training and athletic skills that are geared for every sport. Be it basketball, football, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis or any other competitive activity, this training will enhance the athlete’s ability to achieve peakYouth Training performance levels.

The program systematically evaluates and assesses each athlete prior, during, after training. During the initial consultation, athletes undergo cardiovascular, posture, stability, strength and weakness tests. Once identifying the athlete’s fitness levels and starting points, our certified trainer designs a program that improves their balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, speed, agility, and endurance.  The trainer educates and guides the athlete to fully internalize the training in order to attain maximum performance. The programs are tailored to be challenging, effective, and specific to the athlete’s goals. 

Family Nutrition Program

Comprehensive nutritional system that Isagenix shakescleans and detoxifies one’s body using safe and effective natural ingredients to burn fat, remove impurities, cleanse organs, and increase lean muscle.  Some other benefits of using the program are increases in individual’s energy level, fresher looking skin, and reduced craving for unhealthy foods.

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