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New Year! New Sports!

Hello Directors, Parents, & Teachers

Happy New Year! With the new year comes New Year’s resolutions. Changes. Additions to our lives. More physical activity. A healthier diet. More sleep. Drinking more water. All in an effort to make positive changes in our lives. KID SURGE has done the same this year. We have decided to make a few changes, new additions.

We are always striving to give our Students, Directors, Parents and Teachers the very best program. We encourage changes, additions, and therefore transforming our Program to continue to educate and entertain our students. Our main priority are our students, because everything is about “Empowering Kids Through Fitness & Music”

This year, we are adding not One, but Two, new Sports. After thinking long and hard, we decided to add Golf and Volleyball to our Sports & Music Program. We are now teaching 10 Sports. We were teaching: Basketball, Football,  Hockey, Lacrosse (Scoops), Soccer, Tee-Ball, Tennis, and Ultimate Frisbee. We thought Golf and Volleyball would be great additions.

Why Golf? Golf is an individual Sport. It requires patience, concentration, discipline, and practice. These are all skills that can be used in other sports and in the classroom. The range of motion in Golf, also helps facilitate “muscle memory” that again, can be beneficial in sports like Tee-Ball, Basketball and Football.

Why Volleyball? Volleyball uses core muscles, legs, and arms. There’s lots of jumping in this Sport, jumping isn’t foreign to our students. They jump during our warm up, in our original and instructional Hip Hop song. Volleyball is a team sport. Promoting just that, teamwork. Taking turns. Communication among teammates. The skills in Volleyball will improve our students performance in Basketball, Football and Tennis.

We are excited! We can’t wait to have our students try these new Sports! We hope we inspire you to make FUN additions to your lives, and the lives of your kids. Have a Healthy Day!